About us:

Regional Public Organization of the Help to People Having Psoriasis "Interaction"

is registered on September, 21st, 2009.
Initiators of registration of society - managers and participants of Internet community www.forum-psor.ru
The certificate on the state registration of the non-commercial organization:svid.jpg
The Organization purpose is: rendering assistance to people having psoriasis.
For achievement of the authorized purposes according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation the Organization carries out following species of activity::
renders moral and psychological support to people having psoriasis; - promotes social and legal protection for people, those having psoriasis and accompanying diseases (psoriatic arthritis, parapsoriasis, psoriatic onycholysis etc.);
- assistance in diffusion of the information on modern achievements in medicine on treatment and prophylaxis (prevention) of psoriasis and accompanying diseases;
- rendering of assistance in medical and other species of scientific researches;
- assistance to introduction in practice of modern ways of diagnostics and treatment of people having psoriasis and accompanying diseases;
- independently or together with state and public organizations holds occurrings, consultations, seminars, clubs, the congresses, conferences, round tables, discussions with experts in the field of treatment and prophylaxis of psoriasis and accompanying diseases;
- carries out interaction with the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Social Protection of the Russian Federation, other ministries and departments, and also with all public authorities of the Russian Federation and local governments by working out the social and economic, scientifically-medical and other programs affecting the rights and legitimate interests of people having psoriasis;
- will organize financing of projects, programs in the field of treatment and prophylaxis of psoriasis and accompanying diseases;
- involves donations from Russian and foreign legal and physical persons in the form of monetary and material agents;
- carries out charity actions;
- renders the information, advisory and organizational help to members of the Organization and to people;
- carries out protection of the general interests of members of the Organization, working out offers on perfection of the legislation of the Russian Federation on the subjects;
- develops and publishes the informational and methodical literature on the subjects;
- coordinates activity of own structural sections - units, branches and representatives;
- informs the public on Organization activity;
- carries out publishing activity.



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